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May Peace Reside In Your Heart Magnet


Culture of Peace Initiative "May Peace Reside In Your Heart" 2"x 3.5" Magnet

The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is a UN-designated "Peace Messenger Initiative" with participants in all the world's regions. Its purpose is to unite the strengths of organizations and individuals who are working to make Peace a practical reality.

The highlight of the Initiative is International Day of Peace (Peace Day), which is celebrated annually on September 21. On this day, millions of people worldwide come together to create one day of Peace.

Since 1983, CPI has served as a vehicle for bringing forward the previously unseen and unheard voices working towards Peace. It also serves to unite the strengths of existing individuals and organizations building Cultures of Peace for succeeding generations. If you're a peace builder, peace organization, or just a peace lover please join our community. You'll find a variety of peace groups you can interact with, get updates on events from around the globe, and much more.

In the spirit of the original vision that brought forth the Charter of the United Nations, the purpose of this global/local Initiative is to build a Culture of Peace in the 21st century, uniting the strengths of organizations, projects and peoples in order to make Peace a practical reality for the children of this and future generations.

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